About Blue Corona Insights

Blue Corona Insights is the research arm of Blue Corona, a leading internet marketing company that helps companies accurately track their advertising and generate more leads and sales from the web. If you're looking for THE most comprehensive source of industry-specific website information on the web, you've come to the right place! At Blue Corona Insights, that's our goal - to become THE recognized authority for specialized website and internet marketing research and analysis. We identify target industries and use our proprietary software to learn everything there is to know about their presence on the web - from how well their website ranks on Google to their level of social media activity and much, much, more.

Company History

Blue Corona Insights was born from two ideas: virtually everything online can be measured and tracked and having better data can offer companies a major competitive advantage. In 2011, we developed a specialized piece of software to crawl and analyze websites from an online marketing perspective.

Initially, we used this software to analyze individual client websites and a handful of their competitors. Then, in 2012, a lightbulb went off - wouldn't it be interesting to crawl and analyze every single website from a particular industry? We thought so! By reviewing every single website from a particular industry, we hypothesized that we could see new trends before anyone else and build a blueprint for online marketing success based on what the top companies in the industry are doing. And this is exactly what happened.

Currently, our data is only available to Blue Corona clients and selected prospects. To learn more about accessing the data (i.e. getting a login code for this website), call 800-579-8646. In the near future, we will be selling access to each industry-specific dataset - which includes custom research, insights, and recommendations. Check back often for updates.